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Bethany Morrison

Bethany Morrison Age: 23 Location: New York, NY Instagram:  @betaniarenee

Bethany Morrison
Age: 23
Location: New York, NY
Instagram: @betaniarenee

For several years, I tried many different mechanisms when it came to relieving my anxiety. After awhile, all of these mechanisms stopped working and it wasn't until months after I graduated from college, that I decided to take the necessary steps to sustain my anxiety because it was going from bad to worse. 

During the time of my decision to take this seriously, I had remembered a Behavior Modification course I had taken in college and how much of a success the behavior I modified that semester had helped me. So when that crossed my mind, I realized I now needed to modify more behaviors in my life that would help my mental health, not just my mental health. 

Today, I can say main ways I sustain my anxiety in my young adult life, is through my adopting a vegan lifestyle, self-motivation (such as positive pep talks to myself)  and I started taking prayer more seriously. 


Bethany Morrison