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Wholesale, Consignment & Dropshipping

OB Wholesale, Consignment & Dropshipping

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Wholesale Information, Requirements & Pricing

Once all information is received and your business is approved to retail OB Magazine, we will email you an access code to enter and purchase at wholesale cost via our wholesale portal below. If you are interested in becoming a wholesale partner, please fill out the form below.

  • minimum of 10 copies must be purchased

  • tax ID/EIN number required

  • reseller license required

Consignment Information, Requirements & Pricing

OB reserves the right to remain highly selective concerning our consignment partners. If you are interested in becoming a consignment partner, fill out the form below. In addition please send us photos of your retail location to help us determine if we are a good fit info@ourselvesblack.com.

  • maximum of 5 copies

  • images of your storefront

  • website address

Dropshipping information, Requirements & Pricing

OB dropshipping offers our online partners the ability to sell OB print on their website at no cost. Here are the steps necessary

  1. fill out the “dropshipping form” below

  2. once approved we will issue you hi-resolution images of our magazine to utilize for your ecommerce store and social media feeds.(find all magazine specs here)

  3. when you receive an order, email us the order slip at info@ourselvesblack.com and type “dropshipping” in the subject head.

  4. we will package & ship the magazine to your customer and issue you the tracking number for you to share.

  5. we will send your company the invoice within 1 week of order to be processed

Qty. Original Price Wholesale Discount % Discount
10 $250 25% $62.5
20 $500 30% $150
30 $750 35% $262.5
40 $1000 40% $400
50 $1,250 45% $562.5
60 $1,500 50% $750

*special pricing for our college and university partners available upon request at info@ourselvesblack.com

Qty. MSRP per magazine Consignment % Consignment Profit Per Magazine Sold
1 $25 Consignment shop will retain 30% of retail sale $7.5
Qty. MSRP per magazine Dropshipping Split Dropshipping fee for packaging and shipping Net Profit
1 $25 OB $18
DS partner $7
$2 $5 per magazine sold