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Field Notes Submission

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Field Notes Submission

Audio & Visual content Curated From Around The World.


Welcome to Field Notes—

a supportive and creative community - an almost audio and visual mental wellness Pinterest board, where you - our readers can feel inspired to share and borrow ideas from your peers regarding creative approaches to both, maintaining and/or achieving healthy mental wellness in your daily life.

This space was constructed to serve as your safe haven; where you can be as vulnerable and free as you want + to aid in bridging the gap within our community.

So Here Is How It Works…

  1. Check to see what the Field Notes Topic of the month is and share it with your friends (you will find this below).

  2. Capture a quick video or audio recording (up to 30 seconds) of yourself with your cell phone answering the question of the month and send it to fieldnotes@ourselvesblack.com. Get as creative as you would like.

  • Introduce yourself

  • Share your city and/or state (optional)

  • Share your social media handles (optional)

  • Submit your response to our topic of the month

Our team will select a number of videos and audio files to post to our “Field Notes” page. Some, that we are particularly impressed with or find creative, we will issue a gift copy of OB magazine.


Online Dating and the Rules of Engagement

Online dating can be tough no matter who you are or what kind of baggage you're carrying. Most people don't talk about their mental struggles openly as it can be difficult to gauge exactly how honest you can be with someone you are newly dating.