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A Note From The Editor


A Note From The Editor

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I didn’t grow up seeing black entrepreneurs - never even had a black teacher until becoming a FAMU Rattler. For years, I’d received well-intentioned messaging that the respectable, responsible life path was education and then a steady job, often a “good government job”. When institutional racism on all sides has frayed or obliterated our economic safety net, perceived financial security is often the ultimate goal.

While understandable, this mentality limits true progress.  I did the right things and followed the script: Go to school, get your degree(s). And then, when all of my training was finally over, I chose not to work full time for anyone else. I removed financial security as the ultimate goal and replaced it with one of financial freedom - freedom that allowed me to design a life that supported my wellness personally, and to fund and support initiatives that mattered to me and my community professionally.  

OurselvesBlack, until now, has been completely supported financially by me. Entrepreneurship empowered me with the capital and control over my time to do it. We exist because of this freedom, and also have a truly independent voice.

The next stage of building, rolling out our magazine and amplifying our message, needs the support of our community - whether it’s telling others about us, ordering a print, following us on social media, or becoming a sponsor or part of the provider directory.

Join us.

Executive Editor
Sarah Y. Vinson, M.D.