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We regularly showcase imaginative and unique content from photographers and writers all around the world. If you are interested in submitting your work, please read our submission guidelines. We look forward to hearing from you. Due to the volume of submissions we receive, we cannot answer all emails or guarantee publication. We carefully consider each submission, its cohesiveness with our content and whether it aligns with the artistic vision of the magazine. Please note, ourselvesblack.com does not publish beauty-focused editorials or reprint press releases.


Guidelines for Editorial Submissions

Photography Submissions

We produce quality images for both print and online; all submissions must be shot in large or medium RAW formats and must include signed photo releases from both the subject and the photographer.

All editorial submissions must include a Dropbox link (no WeTransfers) with 3-5 image options per look showcasing varied angles, crops, and proportions. Do not submit images in the body of the email or via Google Drive.Please include full team list,   portfolios links and clearly outlined clothing credits in an attached PDF. Your email must include a PDF outlining full team list and links to portfolios, photographic refs, styling refs and brand list, hair/makeup imagery, location, lighting, and casting options.

Send proposals and any important shoot information including shoot and turnaround dates to antonio@ourselvesblack.com

Editorial Submissions

OurselvesBlack.com provides readers  with relevant, current, and engaging  mental health articles  specifically rooted in communities of color, and we welcome original submissions for publication. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with our content.

If you have a specific, story idea, please send a brief pitch to Managing Editor Rahkia Nance at info@ourselvesblack.com. In your message, please include the section you would like to write for, and a brief bio.

If you are interested in becoming a contributing writer, please send your resume and three to five published* clips of sourced articles to info@ourselvesblack.com.

*published in newspapers, magazines, trade publications, web sites