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Ourselves Black Podcast

OurselvesBlack doesn’t stop here! Join us for our weekly podcast that delves into black mental health. Listen as Senior Editor Dr. Sarah Y. Vinson, interviews mental health experts on a variety of topics and also provides a glimpse into the mental health journeys of others. Be sure to check out brief profiles about each week’s guest and links to bonus content. Subscribe at ourselvesblack.com/obpodcast or check out the podcast section of OurselvesBlack.com.

Dr. Annelle Primm: Innovative Solutions/Use of Technology Addressing Young Adult Mental Health Part. 1

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Dr. Annelle Primm, a community psychiatrist based in Baltimore, Maryland, is the Senior Medical Advisor for the Steve Fund, the nation's only organization focused on the mental health and emotional well-being of college students of color. Dr. Primm was formerly Deputy Medical Director of the American Psychiatric Association (APA) and served as APA's Director of the Office of Minority and National Affairs. She was previously Director of the Johns Hopkins Community Psychiatry Program where she oversaw a variety of mental health services for adults. Dr. Primm has written and lectured widely on culture issues in mental health, eliminating disparities in mental health care, and the social determinants of mental health.