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Ourselves Black Podcast

OurselvesBlack doesn’t stop here! Join us for our weekly podcast that delves into black mental health. Listen as Senior Editor Dr. Sarah Y. Vinson, interviews mental health experts on a variety of topics and also provides a glimpse into the mental health journeys of others. Be sure to check out brief profiles about each week’s guest and links to bonus content. Subscribe at ourselvesblack.com/obpodcast or check out the podcast section of OurselvesBlack.com.

Interfacing with the Mental Health system: Phillip Murray, MD Part 1.

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Our guest expert, Child and Adult Psychiatrist and Physician Administrator Phillip Murray, MD, MPH, provides practical information on how to extract what you or your loved ones need from the mental health system. This is Par 1 of a 2 part discussion with OB Executive Editor Sarah Y. Vinson, M.D.