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Strings of East London

We believe that dining needn’t be expensive to be fine, and neither does musical genius. Dalston and its surrounding districts boast some of the best Caribbean, Polish, Vietnamese, and Turkish food in London, and all at affordable prices. On the footsteps of these delicious food bearing "gems" you can frequently find Eddie Harris; a violinist extraordinaire with an interesting background work exploring. Full story coming soon...

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Jazz Wide Open: Little 5 Points Atlanta

The city of Atlanta, of which Little 5 Points belongs, has it all—from bespoke boutiques that feature independent designers to thrift stores and craft fairs full of one-of-a-kind finds. This is where rising clarinetist stars like Mara Bond got their start, taking inspiration from the dynamic culture of East Atlanta. Full Story coming soon...

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World class bars out of the bronx

Story coming soon...

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"Art keeps my mind in a happy place"

Story coming soon...